Creative Director - Jerome De Perlinghi, a Belgium photographer  and world recognized photojournalist who has been shooting images and photographs since the middle of the Seventies. His photography is represented in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Jerome is a proud resident of Wilson North Carolina and founder /creative director of the Eyes on Main Street Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival.

Education Director - Peter Fitzpatrick, an Australian artist / educator who is the current Chair of Photography at Columbia College Chicago.  He has been involved in developing the teaching and research programs at the Photography and Media Arts Department at the School of Art, Australian National University and the Australian Centre for Photography. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts Research at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney.  He has been involved with photography education and social practice since 1989.

Education Mentor - Dan Wessell, an America photographer, project facilitator and alumni of Columbia College Chicago, is the founder/director of the Camera for Kids Project a grassroots youth visual arts cause. Their mission is to teach children/young adults photography as an important and viable tool of self-expression & empowerment.  There annual flagship program is in Kyle, SD, USA on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Dan has also held workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Guest Educators and Partners
We have been blessed working with some of best emerging and established professionals in the photography education industry.

Canon USA
Andrea Barbier
Kelly Anderson
Lisa Gualtieri Alford

Columbia College Alumni and Staff
Arion Davis
Eric Pickersgill
Jasmine Clark
Juan Giraldo
Laura Bauknecht
Norah Gustafson

Chicago IL
Belle Reily

Diane Dammeyer Initiative - Columbia College Chicago
Diane Dammeyer

Hahnemühle USA
Carol Boss
Wilson NC
Sean Larkin
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